Monday, 25 August 2014

Fashion: AERO

Finally I got the chance to share fashion blog post after several unsuccessful photo shoot attempts. I've been planning of fashion outfit shoot at Henderson Waves or Mc Ritchie Reservoir & hopefully I can make it happen soon.

I just went for a beach weekend getaway in Bintan Island Indonesia and part of the tour package we got was a half day tour around the island including this Chinese Temple which was so picturesque enough to have my unplanned photo shoot. 

Thinking of wearing something comfy & stylish, I decided to wear a white Aeropostale shirt that will never go out of style. Recently in Singapore, I've noticed plenty style conscious wearing Aero shirts especially during sunny days. For me its the substitute for avant garde fashion brands like CK top or CDG shirts. The one I'm wearing was from a friend who recently visited NYC (sponsorship) LOL!

What else could go better with it than my all time fave sweat shorts I got from Forever 21, such a great steal esp I can wear it to any top but still doesn't compromise my style & comfort. I also got my new Nike SB online from This Stefan Janoski limited edition tiger stripe sneakers is just to die for. I love it's simplicity & superb style that really fits my kind-of-style. 

Also wore my Casio silver watch & black leather bracelets I bought in Hongkong perfect for my usual black-white-gray kind of style. Just goo enough to have my Canon D700 DSLR to capture some scenic views of the island. Hope you like this post & so keep following my humble blog for more fashion insights & style ideas. 

Chinese Temple Bintan Island Indonesia.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


I just came back from my weekend getaway in Bintan Island Indonesia. I just can't wait to share my summer-ender weekend stay at Bintan Agro Beach Resorts. So here's the postcards of how awesome my weekend was, just a sample visual diary of my travel escapade. Can't wait to be back here again!

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Since I'm running out of blog post but still wants to post something worthy for my blog followers, here's my personal motivational write up way back in 2013 back then when I was still passionate enough to make my own 365 inspirational quotes written by yours truly. To draw out more ideas, I added some of my favourite nature photos I've taken to share it all with you guys. Hope you learn something from it.


"Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to the present".

We all have dreams to fulfill as we grow. Children love to dream about imaginary places and characters. Adults would also have lots of day dreaming activities at times. Dreams are vital to achieve fulfillment in life and to provide reasons for living to put life in this world. But the ultimate dream humankind can have is to be there in the eternal Kingdom in His soon coming.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


During my recent vacation in Abu Dhabi,  I have been impressed by so much things to see and try in this remarkabale country. My impression of  this place was limited to desert sand, camels & people walking around in traditional Arabian attire only & it feels to be like the sandbox was such one boring place. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Abu Dhabi is still a gigantic metropolis with world-class attractions for the world to see. The best thing about them are their desert safari, water complex and theme park that amazed me until now. Taxis are cheap and plentiful and getting around is very easy.
So for all the aspiring tourists: Here’s my top 10 must try in Abu Dhabi. There's so more to visit, eat, experience & try but this top 10 are all my personal experiences oin Abu Dhabi that you shouldn't miss out. 
Sand Dune Bashing 

Book a desert safari drive with one of the many tour operators in UAE. This 4x4s is a powerful off road vehicle to let you experience a roller coaster ride for a more social extreme sport to try in Dubai.
Try half-day desert safari tour for AED 180.00 by Sunshine Travel & Tours

Friday, 15 August 2014

Fashion Must Have

Ever since my consciousness for fashion was born, I have this impulsive behaviour to collect fashion items that I do love to wear especially accessories and caps. It started few years back when I started working here in Singapore where high fashion culture influenced me now the way I define fashion and style. 

It started with my undeniable apercu for rings everytime I will go window shopping. I have rings usually in silver and black but it varies a lot in size, design & concept. I seldom wear them now due to my workplace must-need-to-adapt scenario LOL! But I still wear them a lot during special occasions. I also have boxes of bracelets that I collect everytime I go overseas. From leather, stainless, branded down to ethnic style, I have all of it. I feel so accomplished everytime I open this box knowing that this little precious pieces originated from other countries like Cambodia, Thailand, HongKong, Dubai

I do love eyewear and caps as well as it simply adds a total fashion statement to my kind of boy-next-door style. Don't get me wrong for posting this as you'll see most these are not the high end pieces that will cost me thousand dollars. I'm not into expensive fashion items not unless I really want to have it & will consider it as a fashion investment then I' m gonna buy it no matter what the price will be. So what's your fashion must have & style collections you're planning have? Hope this blog post gives you helpful ideas. Til my next blog post ;)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pulai Resort Restaurant Johor Malaysia

The best of part of any vacation will be the holiday feast most hotel chains would perfectly combine to the amenities of the resort like buffet breakfast and specialty restaurant. What else would be better than room service like what I have experienced at Pulai Resort Restaurant located at Johor Malaysia.  

Your diet will be on vacation mode as well for I'm sure no one can resist all these food selections available in this restaurant. I'm not a totally fan of Malay food but I do love spicy foods so all the Malaysian food items I tasted here were worth every calories intake. Malay cuisine is somewhat similar to Pinoy food for their love with seafoods & local vegetables that seemed to be a staple food items in the menu, except for their one-of-a-kind chili paste that I will always crave for every meal time. 

The morning buffet was also an intense morning eye opener for the wide selections of Asian, American & Western breakfast menu selections from the basic cereals & toasted breads down to their delectable dumplings & omelettes. I had some healthy options for this buffet and tried to taste the unusual ones I seldom eat back in Singapore.

So just drool over this liscious foods I had at Pulai Spring Resort Malaysia and forget about the diet thing just once in a while. Hope you enjoy this blog post.

Monday, 11 August 2014

PappaMia Bistro & Bar

Located along River Valley Road, this bistro & bar is the ultimate hang out place for a Sunday wine night, drinking spree with friends or maybe if you just wanna grab a bottle of beer with a friend for some good night talk. PappaMia Bistro & Bar is situated near the infamous Spize so it's easy to spot & was recommended by a friend of mine whose working in GWC area. 

I would always recommend to try their truffle fries & chicken pops for pulutan (side dish). You also have to try their long island tea wherein alcohol level can be personally requested to be modified LOL! (Thanks to the friendly staff) Or you can have a bottle of Merlot red wine as well. The bar comes with indoor & outdoor seating area & the food & drinks are really affordable. Worth a try!